Skein Capital was established in June 2015 through the acquisition of three lending businesses in South Africa.

Change in regulation has significantly reduced the availability and amplified the cost of capital in markets traditionally covered by banks.


There has also been a growing demand from the private sector for funding partners to assist with specific business opportunities. As a result, we saw an opportunity for non-traditional lenders to serve these markets more efficiently.

Since the initial acquisitions, we have added a fourth business to the Skein Capital portfolio and we are actively seeking new opportunities to grow.  

What We Do

We are a specialist asset manager focused on high margin, niche credit opportunities.


Our roots are in the underwriting business, and our people have experience in insurance, finance, and a wide range of industry sectors. 


We seek to partner with management teams that have a proven track record in managing specific credit risks. 

We provide an underwriting and corporate governance overlay to the businesses in our portfolio via representation on boards and credit committees.


The group has substantial credit experience and assists with strategic planning and direction, as well as adding value through access to capital.


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